Case Study

The Dementia Association for Awareness and Support
Our software expands their service offering and reduces operating costs.


The Dementia Association for Awareness and Support


A not-for-profit supporting at-home caregivers of people living with dementia.


Our happy client since 2019


Their Challenge

DAAS uses technology to help their network of caregivers of people living with dementia. Their clients are the "everyday caregiver" - someone not formally trained as a caregiver, looking after a lovedone with demential living at home.

To support these caregivers, DAAS needed a way to manage the ever-changing catalog of dementia education and training resources, as well as the at-home service providers available. Their clients struggled with knowing what to do next for their loved one, and often reported feeling overwhelmed and lost as a caregiver.

How we Help

Our software, Tusk: the Care Navigation Tool, is designed for just this scenario.

Individual caregivers create their own accounts, and immeditately have access to a host of features that guide them through the healthcare system, hightlight available resources, and short-list relevant services for their loved one. Then, as a Care Network, DAAS's real-life Care Navigators access a shared dashboard to provide individualized client support.

Some of our core software features used by DAAS include...

icon See changes in disease symptoms over time.
icon Track caregiver wellness and improve resiliency.
icon Access curated resources for your condition & location.
icon Screen and select local and relevant service providers.
icon Share information between loved ones in the care circle.
icon Understand the disease pathway.
icon Boost mental wellness of caregiver and patient.
icon Access help from real people and trained navigators.

What they're saying

We've more than doubled our customer base since using Tusk by Nimble Elephant. We're able to help more caregivers within the capacity we have.

- DAAS Executive Director

I love seeing the right resources that matter to me, and knowing which service providers will help me the most. I told my friends about this.

- DAAS caregiver