Benefits of Care Navigation

Discover the data behind WHY our software helps businesses who support caregivers.


The Problem

About 1 in 4 adult Canadians provide care for someone with a long-term health condition or disability.

Up to 50% of caregivers report having unmet support needs.

1 in 4

Canadians aged 15+ who have provided care at home.


Caregivers with unmet support needs.

1 in 3

Caregivers experiencing excess stress as a caregiver.

Who is Affected

Almost half of caregivers receive help from a partner, child, or other family member, who modify their life or work arrangements to provide this extra support.

The caregiving burden grows with age. Nearly 1 in 3 senior caregivers spend more than 30 hours each week providing care.

The most common support for those seniors are their children.

34 %

Caregivers aged over 65 caring for a spouse or partner.

41 %

Of senior caregivers receiving help from their children.

50 %

Of people caring for their children with unmet support needs.

What is "Care Navigation"

Care Navigation is proven to help everyday people who care for their loved-ones at home. It bridges the gap between the healthcare system, support services, information and resources available to the caregiver.

A caregiver who learns to navigate their caregiving choices, options, and priorities has less stress and provides better care for their loved one.

Some examples of what "care navigation" looks like include:

icon Understand the disease pathway.
icon See changes in disease symptoms over time.
icon Access help from real people and trained navigators.
icon Boost mental wellness of caregiver and patient.

How Our Software Helps

Our software enhances caregiver productivity at work and home, and boosts mental and physical wellness in both the caregiver and their loved one.

Our software helps businesses to help caregivers, whether employees, clients, or in their service network.

We help to connect caregivers with relevant services, resources, and teamwork needed when caring for a loved one.

And the Results?

icon Loved ones live longer and stay at home longer, with statistically increased Quality-Adjusted Life Years.
icon Caregivers are more productive at work and at home. Employers save money from reduced absenteeism.
icon Caregiver burnout events, and patient readmission events, are statistically reduced.

We're on a mission to boost confidence and wellness in everyday people caring for loved ones.